Can I become a Rivvur for any company?
No, just for companies you’re a client with. If you select a company in the Rivvur app, your details will be sent to the company for them to check.
Is it visible for a company when I recommend them to my contacts?
Absolutely, and it is also visible when you did this. The company will also see when your contact opens the recommendation and therefor gets in contact. And on top of that, you will receive a reward for this.
Can I send as many Rivv’s as I like?
No. To avoid misuse you cannot send more than 3 Rivv’s per day, with a maximum of 10 Rivv’s per week.
When do I receive my reward?
We aim to pay your reward within 2 weeks after the company has paid.
I would like to recommend a company but it’s not in the app?
You can use the app to bring the Rivvur app to their attention. Find the company with the search functionality and send them an invitation email.


How can I make sure my clients download the Rivvur app and become my Rivvur?
By simply asking them. The app is available in the Apple Store and after registration your company will automatically appear in the app. See also www.rivvur.com/how-to-acquire-rivvurs
What is the difference between a recommendation and a sales lead?
The moment one of your Rivvurs (clients) recommends your company, you can see who it is. However, you cannot see to who your client makes the recommendation. As soon as this person uses the button ‘Get in contact’, you will receive her/his details so you can get in contact yourself. We call this a sales opportunity or lead. You can hand out rewards for both recommendations and sales leads.
What is a lead (sales opportunity)?
Someone looking for something you are selling or offering. It is then up to you to close the deal.
How high should my reward be?
This depends on the product or service you are offering. If it’s an expensive product, you could offer a higher reward than you would for something you sell for only a few Euro’s. You can also take into account the chances of repeat purchases. Always carefully think about how much you want to pay your clients and which reward would encourage them.
Should I make a difference between a recommendation and a sales lead?
You don’t have to, but it is possible. Of course, a direct sales opportunity has more value, as you will receive personal details of your potential client. However, you will probably receive less sales leads than recommendations. It is therefore recommended to offer a higher reward for sales leads.
Is the use of Rivvur free?
No. However, we only charge you once you actually receive recommendations and once new leads are generated. We then charge you 20% of the reward you offer for new clients, with a minimum of 1,00 € for a recommendation and 1,00 € for a sales lead. So it’s not for free, but it is without any risks.
Is it compulsory to give a reward?
No you don’t have to. However, you will in this case pay for system costs. Also, your Rivvurs (clients) will be less motivated to actively make recommendations.
Why should I create a promotion?
The Rivvur promotion consists of a short text that should trigger the receiver to get in contact with you. For instance, you could give an introductory discount or offer a nice present. But also the offer to carry out a free survey could be interesting to many potential clients.
Can I refuse a sales opportunity?
No, this is not possible. However, you can block a Rivvur should you receive a lot of bad leads. We will then get in contact with the Rivvur about this. Do keep into account though, that they are your clients.



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